Information on the different processes of a Ant infestation at Manchester Pest Control

The most common ant we see is the black ant, if you have a current infestation it is likely to be this or the pharaor ant species. Ants are very strong, they can lift around 20 times more than their body weight, this is equivalent to a 6-year-old picking up a vehicle! Each ant colony can home up to half a million ants, (not something you want around your property), and once a year usually in August the queen will fly to a new location to make a new colony.


Ants usually create their nest in the ground, under floors, or in logs and they will usually only come into your home in the search of food. They are experts at getting into almost anywhere for the sweet sugary food they crave, so if you have spotted ants around your property it might not be long until you find them in your cereal boxes and cupboards. Ants also leave a very clever pheromone trail, this means if even one ant finds a good food source in your home, the trail it leaves will show all the other ants in the colony the exact pathway back to the food source. 


The major problem with ants along with how annoying it can be seeing them all over your home is the cross-contamination they can cause, this is because they can easily move through dirty disease-ridden places and then move straight to your food cupboards. Act before this happens by getting in contact with Manchester Pest Control at the first sign of infestation. 

  • Spotted large amounts of ants in your property 

  • If you spot a nest, this can sometimes be found by following the ants

  • Listen at night as you may hear movement as they make their nest in your walls or under the floor

How To Prevent Ant Infestations 

Ants are attracted to food, so if there are no food sources available they will simply look elsewhere. This may sound like a simple enough task but it can be quite difficult and time-consuming. If you are serious about preventing ant infestations you may have to put all your food in sealed containers, clean all traces of food from your cooking area, hoover up. your floor on a daily basis and if you have pets you need to wash their dishes after each meal. If you stick to doing this every day it will be very unlikely your property will ever experience an ant infestation. 

How We Remove Your Ant Infestation 


Our trained technicians at Dr Pest Control specialize in removing ant nets is usually a straightforward process. We act by locating where the nest is and spraying it with a powerful insecticide spray that kills both the colony and the queen, so you can be sure the nest won't just be replaced by another. 

It is possible for you to buy DIY products to remove your ant's nest yourself, but it is not recommended for several reasons. The good products are quite expensive to buy, it's difficult to know how much to use and where to use it in order to kill the queen as that's the only way to truly remove the colony. So you might spend time and money on trying to remove your infestation yourself to end up having to call an expert and spend even more money than you initially needed to.  

If you suspect you have an ant infestation at your home or business please call us on 07541971946 as soon as possible, even just for some friendly advice.


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