Information on how to prevent BedBugs, identify any current infestations and how we exterminate them.

Bed Bug Control Manchester. Bed bugs (Cimix Lectularius) are small insects usually 5 mm in size that feed on human blood, they live in bedding or furniture and are very difficult to remove on your own. They are very common in the UK and although their bits don't usually spread any diseases, it can still cause extreme itchiness, you may feel very sore around it, it's unpleasant to look at and if it gets infected you could even need antibiotics.

Bed Bugs can be brought into your home in several ways. Firstly if you go into someone's home who has an infestation they can cling onto your clothes, crawl into your bags and even onto your skin, so you will literally walk them into your home. Another common way is when you buy second-hand furniture such as a bed or a couch that has an infestation already present. Finally, another very common way is through animals such as cats and dogs, they attach themselves into your animal's fur usually through another animal, and then bring the bed bugs back with them. 

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation please contact Manchester Pest Control as soon as possible, even just for some advice. 

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestations

  • You wake up itchy and possibly bumpy in areas that were fine when you went to sleep

  • Blood marks on your bedsheets from where they have bitten you

  • A foul musty odor in certain areas of your property

  • You can see a small, red oval shape insect usually around your mattress area 

  • A foul distinctive new smell coming from certain areas of your home

  • You may see eggshells and case skins in your bed sheets

How To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations 

It can be difficult to prevent a bed bug infestation as different people come into your home and you usually don't know exactly where they have been, or whom they have come in contact with.


A few ways you can help prevent any infestations are to hoover up your carpets and rugs on a regular basis and to wash your bedding on high heat, also on a regular basis as this can help kill any bed bugs that you may already have. 

Another way can be to use a protective cover over your mattress so that you can see all areas of what your lying on, this way you can have them removed before they bite you. ​

How We Remove Your Rat Infestation 


Manchester Bed Bug Control is becoming more and more difficult for an untrained person to exterminate because they are developing a resistance to insecticides, the good news for you is that we use a professional grade that guarantees to kill 100% of your infestation and usually on the first visit. The process sometimes requires you to take a few simple preparations before we arrive, which we can advise on over the phone. 

It is safe to stay home whilst we carry out the procedure unless it's a full home treatment, however, we do recommend not entering any rooms that have been treated for 2-3 hours to prevent yourself from inhaling any of the toxins that we use. 

If you would like a quote for bed bug treatment then please contact Dr Pest Control anytime on 07541971946.