Information on how to prevent mice infestations, how to identify ongoing ones and how we remove them.

Mice Control Manchester. There are over 20 known species of mice, they usually have a pointed nose, rounded ears, almost no hair on their tail, and brown in colour. They weigh anything from 10-25 grams and eat between 15 to 20 times a day, which is why these creatures are almost always looking for food. They multiply very fast as they have litters 8 times a year on average and usually produce at least 8 mice in each one which is why mice infestations can get out of control in a short space of time. 


Mice infestations in Manchester are very common. To some people, mice might look harmless and cute, but in reality, they are very dangerous. They like the conditions that we provide and create their nest near our food sources, then as they move our kitchen sides and cupboards  they leave their droppings and urine behind, which can easily spread deadly diseases such as Salmonella. 

If diseases weren't bad enough, they also cause damage to a property when they nibble at wires, cables, and woodwork. As well as the cost to fix whatever damage has been done, there is also the risk of a fire hazard. So if you notice of are even suspicious of a mice infestation in your property, it is essential that you call Pest Control Manchester as soon as possible! 

How To Identify Mice Infestations

  • Mice produce around 65 droppings a day. They are small, dark, and scattered randomly around your house, especially inside or near your cupboards. 

  • Mice are usually most active at night and if you listen, you can often hear scratching noises under floorboards, in loft areas, and in cellars. 

  • You can usually smell a mice infestation and their urine smells very similar to ammonia, the stronger the smell the closer you are to the nest. 

How To Prevent Mice Infestations 

One of the most effective ways to keep mice away from your home is proofing. It's important to seal up any holes you have leading into your home, this includes the ground floor and any holes higher up including the roof as mice are extremely good climbers. 

Mice eat extremely regularly so if you have food lying around or easily accessible, it may attract them into your home. So our advice would be to use tightly shut cupboards, lunch boxes, and clean food up on a regular basis. 

One other way which is easily done and can make a massive difference is to put a screen on any air vents and chimneys. These are effective because these it allows air to come in and out but will prevent any mice from getting through them and into your home. 

How We Remove Your Squirrel Infestation 


To exterminate mice we use a special bait that tastes really good to them, this is important as otherwise, they will just keep eating from the current food source they already have available to them. This bait works usually within a few hours which gives them time to return to the nest instead of having random rats lying around your home. Also once they drop in their nest the other mice will usually eat them, therefore poisoning themselves in the process and this will keep happening until the whole infestation is exterminated. 

The bait will use is very tamper-resistant and our specialist knows the best areas to keep them out of reach of children and pets. They are also the most environmentally friendly equipment whilst maintaining potency.


Usually, we will only need 2-3 visits to fully eradicate your problem, the second visit will be 7 days after your first. If you need a free quote for your mice infestation please call Dr Pest Control on 07541971946.