Everything you need to know about Moths including how to prevent, identify and the extermination process at Manchester Pest Control. 

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Moths belong to the insect group Lepidoptera. There are said to be over 200,000 different species worldwide and they usually prefer to be active at night. Their size varies from 3 mm to 20 mm, they usually have long tongues which they use to drink fluid easily and the males can detect a female moth from releasing Pheromones from up to 8 kilometers away.


We know just how frustrating moth infestations can be. They create holes in fabrics such as clothes and furniture which can be very expensive to replace and can cause sentimental damage as you may have emotional attachments to some of the items they ruin, such as your Childs first outfit, for instance, Manchester Pest Control will help stop that from happening! Some moths such as the white shouldered moth are not as damaging to your materials but will eat any food you have lying around. 

Most people think moths bite through materials, however, this is rarely the case. Moths lay their eggs which later hatch into white larvae, and this is what creates the odd shape you might be currently seeing. Adults moths have a short reproduction period of only 3 weeks, but they can lay up 50 eggs in that amount of time, causing lots of damage to your possessions in the process. 

In addition to the damage, it's visually disturbing and even scary for some people to have lots of moths lying around your house, and once the eggs hatch you will have caterpillars roaming around as well. This is why it's important to act fast and rid your home of your Moth infestation as soon as possible. 


How To Identify Moth Infestations

  • You can visually see moths flying around your home 

  • Irregular shapes holes in your clothes and material furniture  

  • Very small white eggs covered in a kind of webbing in your materials

  • If you see any of the signs above please get in touch with Manchester Pest Control 

How To Prevent Moth Infestations 

Moths are a difficult insect to prevent from infesting your property, but as with most pests, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from occurring and to limit the damage if they do occur. Firstly, you can keep your doors and windows shut to stop them from entering your home, and if you are not able to do this on a hot day, for example, use a fly screen. Hoover up on a regular basis, this will remove any eggs which may already be on your floor from hatching and giving you worse pest problems. Keep clothes you are not currently using stored away, possibly in a plastic bag to stop any moths from ruining them. Finally, if you do see the one a general first step is to spray it with insect killer, this can be useful at very early stages but if it does go any further a profession would likely be needed for the extermination process. 

How We Remove Your Flea Infestation 


Once we have spoken over the phone and confirmed that you have a moth infestation we will begin treatment the same day. We use a strong environmentally friendly spray that treats both your moths and the eggs. Usually, we will have to spray your carpets, kitchen cupboards, and appliances and wardrobes. It may also be a good idea whilst we are doing the treatment to put any clothes you know have been in contact with the moths into a bag, placed in the freezer. This will kill any of the eggs that may be sitting on your clothes and remove all the bacteria. 

If you need a specialist for Moth Control Manchester, please call Dr Pest Control on 07541971946.