Information on how to prevent Rats, how to identify infestations and how we remove them.

Rat Control Manchester. Rats are among the most common pest infestations we come across and are often described as an epidemic here in the UK. On average the Rat is 5 inches long, has a thin tail, and compared with other rodents are medium in size. Rats eat one tends to eat 1/10 of their body weight on a daily basis, so they are continuously looking for food and prefer cereal type foods.

They have excellent hearing and their eyes are more suited to a nocturnal environment which is why you might only hear them at night. Rats need to keep their teeth trimmed which is why they often bite and cause so much damage, they are actually capable of chewing through a concrete slab! It's vitally important to get your rat infestation under control, not only because of the damage they cause, but because it's said that two rats can create 482,508,800 pups in just three years! I know that's a very scary number. 

Rats carry numerous diseases; the most dangerous to humans being the plague. This can spread to humans when a flee drinks the blood of a rat in your home and then bites your body. The plague is very dangerous and has a mortality rate of 10% when treated and even higher when untreated, this is why it's so important to call Manchester pest control to remove your rat infestation at the very first sign.

How To Identify A Rat Infestations

  • Dark droppings around your cupboards and food packaging

  • Food packaging that has been chewed and possible small hairs around it 

  • Footprints in dusty areas

  • Sounds of movement under floorboards and in the loft area may sound similar to scratching 

  • A foul distinctive new smell coming from certain areas of your home

How To Prevent Rat Infestations 

Having a rat infestation can be a very dangerous and stressful time, so to prevent the problem from occurring is the best possible solution. There are several ways that Manchester Pest Control recommends, the main one we think is to keep as much food as possible in glass containers with tightly shut lids. This works because without the smell of food there shouldn't be anything attracting rats to your home, and if they do enter and find no food source they should just move along. 

Other ways are also fairly simple such as not putting food waste on plants as compost, making sure all your outside bin lids are securely shut, and to hoover up and wipe any food off your sides as often as you can. 

Finally, the last major way to keep away rat infestations is to seal up any holes you can find that the rats might use to get into your property. This includes the ground floor and around your roof area. 

How We Remove Your Rat Infestation 


Rat control Manchester is one of our specialties here at Dr Pest Control,  We will exterminate your problem with the most up to date and safest methods of removal. Our skilled technicians know the best areas to place the bait down so that they will be in easy reach for the rats and well out of the way for children and pets. 

Rat treatments will usually take 2-3 visits depending on the severity. After we exterminate the pests we will then proceed to proof any holes you may have, and discuss any further measures you can take. 

If you would like a free no-obligation quote for rat control Manchester or just some friendly advice then please call Manchester Pest Control on 07541971946, we will be more than happy to help any way we can.