Information on squirrel Pest Control Manchester, including prevention tips and extermination.

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Grey squirrels are one of the most common mammals we see here in the UK after landowners released them in the 19th century. They can be seen during any season and usually like to inhibit nature parks, woods, and gardens. Squirrels are usually up to 28.5 cm in length and on average live between 2-5 years. This type of squirrel can easily be identified by it's grey and silver fur, pale underbelly, and brownish-red face.  

Grey squirrels have amazing agility which allows them to access your home from the unlikeliest places, most commonly through a gap in your roof. They usually create their nest in the loft space as the conditions are ideal for them. It will be a spherical structure, slightly larger than a rugby ball, and mostly consist of wood, bark, or even grass. It is best not to approach a squirrel nest as Manchester Pest Control has experts that are trained to deal with these types of situations.  

Squirrels may seem cute, but they are just as deadly or even more as other pests such as rats. A common problem with squirrels is that they eat away at the wooden beams in your loft, usually to help them build their nest. This will over time weaken your home's structural integrity which can be a catalyst for other problems to arise, some very costly. 


In other cases, squirrels have been known to cause fires because they chew away at the protective wiring in your circuits, which can cause it to heat up and set alight. This problem is especially bad in America, around 20,000 fires are caused each year through squirrel bites and they can be equally as dangerous here.


Lastly, In some cases, squirrels have been known to pass diseases on to people such as ringworm and typhus. This is less common and usually happens through a bite whilst protecting their home, this is why it's important to call an expert when it comes to removing infestations.

How To Identify Squirrel Infestations

  • Squirrels are much larger animals than mice or rats so they make a considerable amount of noise, especially in the early morning as they sleep at night

  • Their urine can be extremely potent, so you may smell a foul odor in your home

  • You can have a look to see if there is a nest in your loft or if your insulation has been messed with, as they often use it for materials

  • Look for droppings around your loft and roof space, although be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands if you decide to clean it up, as it can be full of harmful bacteria

How To Prevent Squirrel Infestations 

Dr Pest has several steps you can follow to prevent your loft from becoming a breeding ground for squirrels. Firstly you can fix up any holes or cracks that the squirrels can use to enter your loft, this is most easily done from inside as you will see the light from outside shining into your dark loft area. 

Try and keep your outside bins tightly shut and avoid leaving food outside, especially fruit as this can be their initial attraction to your home.

If you have any high trees with branches near your roof it might be best to cut them if possible, as they can jump from the branches onto your property and install gutter guards to make maneuvering around your roof more difficult. 

This isn't a perfect science so you may still get a squirrel infestation after following these steps, but there is a good chance it will prevent an infestation not just from squirrels, but other pests as well so we recommend applying them.

How We Remove Your Squirrel Infestation 


Removing squirrel infestations can be a complicated procedure as it needs to be done in a humane and legal way, that's what Dr Pest Control is here for. After a quick survey, we will decide on the best course of action that needs to take place over 2-3 visits and then get right to it. You can expect to be squirrel free in around 3-5 days, depending on the severity of the infestation. 

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