Information on how we remove your wasp nest and what you can do to prevent them from occurring.

Wasps are usually similar size to a paper clip at 1.5 inches, they have a yellow and black body and a black head. They are very social insects and live in large colonies which they start building at the start of spring. By late summer if undisturbed they can have around 5000 individuals in a single colony, however, by the start of winter they all die off, leaving a new queen to start the process off again in the following spring.

Most animals fear the sting of a wasp and will usually leave them alone. If a creature or a person does happen to disturb their nest they will usually swarm in high number stinging repeatedly, which is why it's important to stay away from their nest. Wasps also have a special signal they emit called a pheromone, this tells the other wasps they are in distress so they can join the stinging frenzy.

Wasp nest removal is a simple enough procedure for our trained technicians. They use the correct equipment and remove it in the most efficient way. We highly advise against attempting a wasp nest removal yourself as they will most likely try to sting you to defend their home, which can be painful and even dangerous if you are allergic to their venom. Contact Dr Pest for 7 days wasp nest control Manchester.    


Advice from Pest Control Manchester on how to identify a Wasp Nest

  • A big increase in the number of wasps you see in and around your property

  • You see many wasps entering the same place in your property, this is usually where the wasps are 

  • decaying foods inside or close to your property may attract them

How To Prevent Wasp Nest Infestations 

A commonplace for wasps to create their nests are in your loft, so to prevent this from happening you will need to seal up any possible ways they can enter your property. If you know have had any previous wasp infestations before you can put a small 40 watt light where it used to be, they don't like light so it may discourage them from making a new one on the same spot. Finally, if you see a wasp nest that is smaller than a tennis ball you can just hoover it up, however, if you are unsure it's always best to give Manchester Pest Control a call for some complimentary advice. 

How We Remove Your Wasp Nest Infestation 

The first step for having your wasp nest removed is a survey, for this kind of treatment we can usually do this over the phone but sometimes we may need to see it. The treatment process for our technicians is fairly simple, most of the time use a specially formulated spray on and around the nest. This will remove your infestation within 24 hours and is safe for you to stay home through the entire process. The following day you the nest can be removed or left alone if it is not causing an issue. 


Wasp nest removal Manchester is one of our specialties, we offer same day service, discreet vehicles, safe products, and free no-obligation quotes. If you want to discuss your treatment please call Manchester Pest Control on 07541971946.